Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Journey

I had trouble picking a resolution this year so I had a pickle jar decide for me. My resolution for January was to learn to cook new dishes, and eat less crappy food. I would say I have been quite successful at this. I tried several new recipes, not all of them worked but I kept trying. I also ate out much less and I have stuck to my vegetarian diet. I haven't seen much weight loss but for once in my life my weight is consistent without massive fluctuations  I have also been feeling better in general. Drinking a spinach smoothie might sound gross but I did feel pretty good the rest of the day. Eating take out might sound yummy, but I feel like crap the rest of the day.

So while I am very proud of my success in the last month, it is now time to look ahead at February. I'm hoping that I can keep the momentum from January and continue to make positive changes. So back to the pickle jar I go!
Be nicer to everyone. Be less sarcastic. Don't snap at people over little things.
Well crap. This is going to be hard, necessary but hard. I'm not saying I'm not a nice person but when I get tired, stressed or worn out I take it out on the people close to me which isn't fair. This is mostly a resolution for my Hubby so that I treat him better. It will also be an exercise in letting things go, instead of letting them fester until I explode. As for being sarcastic, I'll try. No really I will. OK, as Bart Simpson once said "I can't promise I'll try, but I will try to try."

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