Sunday, 27 January 2013

More or Less

I have been having trouble making decisions lately. I think that's normal for a disfunctional though. If I was able to make decisions about what is best for me with confidence I wouldn't be where I am. But I do try to get a little better each day. On one day recently I found myself at the library. I picked up some fun books to read, some new recipe books and also a couple self help books. It wasn't until I got home that I realized two of the books I had checked out had completely inconsistent titles.

More or Less
The Power Of More by Marine McBean is written by a three time Olympic champion. It is about making small changes and trying to do a little but more in order to reach a larger goal. I do want to make some large changes in my life and I though this would have some advice on how to keep from getting overwhelmed. The Power Of Less by Leo Babauta is about limiting yourself to the essential. I want to de-clutter my house and my mind so I though it would be a good guide. They both have good reviews and they both tie in with what I want to achieve in my life. But they are completely contrasting themes.

I have only just started reading these books. I'm hoping as I work through them I can find ways to learn from both titles. I think it's poignant that I picked these two books unintentionally  I have been struggling lately and I think it's because I don't know what I wasn't. Do I want more or less? Do I want to work harder or relax. Do I want to try to change or be happier with things as is? Can I have it both ways, or not at all? Hopefully these books will help me find the answers and point me in a different direction. Lately I have been turning in circles and I'm getting dizzy.

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