Monday, 11 February 2013

Self Care

Self care is necessary, even on a bad day. And today has been a bad day. I didn't sleep well again. I had to dig my care out from under a snow drift that had buried it. I found out one of my credit cards had been canceled because my credit rating has crashed lately. I also had to borrow money from my in-laws to pay my student loan. All in all, not a very good day.

I have been fighting a sense of panic all day, and it almost came to a head at supper. I had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things and I could feel my eating disorder clawing at my stomach and mind. I wanted to fill my basket with chips,cookies, pizza, diet soda and cake. I scurried quickly through the store and managed to get out without giving in to my urges. I had another spike of panic when I had to pay, not knowing if I had enough money to cover the bill. But it went through and I got back into my car.

I made it home and decided that this day deserved a little silver lining. I gathered up my nail care tools, mixed a fruity drink and gave myself a manicure  Even though I'm broke, tired, and a failure at life I still deserve to be treated well. That is why self care is so important. The world is not going to take care of me, it is too busy trying to beat me down. It is up to me to treat myself well. Even on a bad day.

Self Care Is Important

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