Monday, 31 December 2012

I am the Functional disFunctional

As you have accidentally happened upon this page you may be asking yourself "what is a functional disfunctional?" A functional disfunctional is a person who is completely messed up, but who manages to blend in with most "normal" people. We look pretty normal, we act pretty sane most of the time, but just underneath the surface is a disaster waiting to happen. There are many types of dysfunctional, but this blog is being written by a crazy person who seems sane most of the time.

Let me start by saying 2012 was not my year. I have managed to limp through life without any major disasters or derailments despite my dubious mental state but 2012 changed all that. It was the year everything went wrong, and I mean EVERYTHING. So what happened you ask?
Personal financial meltdown
Physical illness (several actually)
Mental illness (multiple)
Family meltdown
BFF drama
Death in the family (multiple actually)
Fights with my spouse (multiple and severe)
Weight gain, weight loss, weight gained back
Car problems
House problems
Job loss
New job
Became vegetarian
Credit problems
Pet illness
Lost a friend
Sent to a shrink
Pregnancy scare
And much more that I don't care to think about. Let's just say that as 2013 approaches in just a few hours, I am more than ready to forget 2012.

But I'm still here, and the purpose of this blog is not to complain. I am going to focus more on how to cope. I know I'm not alone in the mental health closet. I'm not the only one who feels like one more bad day could push me over the edge. I've been over the edge, it sucks, and it's harder than Hell to climb back up, though the meds can be fun...

So cheers to 2013, the year where this disfunctional begins to function normally again. At least some of the time.

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